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 The Ice-Cream Truck
is, just like an Ice-Cream Trailer, a very clever business equipment. You can change locations at will during the day. It also enables the owner to sell ice-cream in places, where there is no electric hook-up . Imagine a beach full of people, a boardwalk with thousands of visitors a day, a busy car free street downtown. You can easily do buisiness in the sun for at least 9 hours a day, regardless of the air temperature. You can sell up to 16 kinds of ice-cream and/or gelato. With a  trailer in tow, you can also set-up two Ice-Cream Stands in two locations in one trip. Or just drive there independently on your own. Do your own math - it’s a Gold-mine. Often such an investment will pay itself back, thanks to the low operational expenditures. That makes it  to a rare business investment.





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