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A Mobile Kiosk, the Mother of all Kiosks, can be used in many places like: catering in larger industrial complexes or factories, in malls selling proverbial “fast moving hot buns”, as well as in airports where leasing fees are prohibitive for smaller operators, or just on a busy street, or a near a tourist attraction or on a beach.

Sell high profit items or regular items with high profit - your choice! You can change the location during the day: in front of a royal castle during before lunch and on the main tourist visited street in the afternoon and evening.

As electric motors have a long life-time it will last for years and retain value like no gasoline vehicle.

As custom Super Structure company we will make your Mobile Kiosk to your liking!



Customs superstructures range from tool boxes to energy independent ice-cream storefronts, more custom solutions at electro-mobil.eu





Weight with Batteries

Load Capacity

Driving Range

Max Speed

Cargo Box Size


1.40 m

1.90 m

980 kg

1000kg (up to 1250kg)

100 km

35 km/h

           2.20 X 1.40 X 0.50

Battery Capacity

Number of Batteries

Guaranteed Charging Cycles


Driving Current


Transmission Rate

Vehicle Category

320 Ah

24 X 2V



AC, 48 V

165 R13






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