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is an electric vehicule for special occasions. Weddings, political campaignes, parades or just to impress your guests or perhaps your girlfriend at a ranch or château.
It can travel a long range distances and it’s a great fun to drive. The one described is based on the Buick-Desin - 1905.
With it’s  leather „ nose“, lavish leather seats, antique looking dashboard -  it is a beauty! The chassis is a standard electric truck chassis to keep costs under control.
This E-Oldtimer can also be equipped with a picnic trailer (optional) with running water to (eg after a brief „bush’s visit“) wash your hands, even with a fridge for cold drinks and additional set of traction batteries - such a team can an approximately 150 km tour, without having to download, create.
Other custumer-made vehicules  are also available.




Customs Super Structures range from tool boxes to energy independent ice-cream storefronts, more custom solutions at electro-mobil.eu





Weight with Batteries

Load Capacity

Driving Range

Max Speed

Cargo Box Size


1.40 m

1.90 m

980 kg

1000kg (up to 1250kg)

100 km

35 km/h

           2.20 X 1.40 X 0.50

Battery Capacity

Number of Batteries

Guaranteed Charging Cycles


Driving Current


Transmission Rate

Vehicle Category

320 Ah

24 X 2V



AC, 48 V

165 R13






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